Snap Inc. has officially responded to the petition form regarding changing the design of the Snapchat. Some time ago snapchat redesigned the app and this design was unable to win customers. About 1.3 million people signed the petition from, and finally, they got the expected replay from the company.

The complaint of a user was that the new update has many unnecessary features. The user’s opinion was so harsh that they no longer feel like celebrities since the new update as roll out. Henceforth, the Nic Rumsey created the petition to roll out the new design and back the basic but adaptable features to the app.

However, Snap’s CEO Evan Spiegel commented on this, in addition, ensured customers that they will adopt the suggestions. The company is working on making the app comfortable and user-friendly for iOS and Android users.

While it will take time to introduce the new design of Snapchat, by overcoming some of its bigger structural hurdles in the app. Also, the company said that it’s their priority to make a redesign and make it is more delicious and user-friendly to make it competitive with Facebook and Instagram.

Snapchat explained their redesign that the company was trying to make it easier to connect with friends and the people care about most. The friend page was adapting to and get smarter over time, reflecting likely snapping with that moment. Soon the company is going to introduce different tabs and it will be easier to find the stories that user need. Also, the company is sorting things like stories, subscriptions, and group chats which will improve user privacy. This will lead to improving customize and explore own experience.

The personalization is also true to explore; it will be a new beginning for the company to offer great service to their customer. The company said that they are so great full to the petition signers for showing this love towards the apps and promised to offer the more user-friendly feature.

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