Smartphones can have adverse effects on our health was an interesting topic to be researched in past few decades. Finally, the research is successful and they came across a number of effects the cell phone can cause on animals. Animals can be at the higher risk of tissue or DNA damage, benign or malignant tumors, and reduced body weight.

An initial experiment was conducted on rodents. But, they did not show any antagonistic effects on human health. Hence, the study does not reveal any high level of confidence about the fact that these radiations are harmful to humans. But, it has been a hot topic for years and years.

The Federal Communications Commission in 2010 suggested customers buy smartphones giving out fewer radiations. Previous research did not give the evidence of a relationship between harmful radiations given out by smartphones and increased risk of tumors.

Male rats were diagnosed with an infrequent type of a tumor in their hearts called as schwannoma. No such type of a tumor was detected in female rats. These experimental findings will give a clear idea about how dangerous these radiations will be on the human heart.

According to the US Food and Drug Administration, smartphones emanate low level of harmful radiations that mostly don’t damage the brain and heart tissues in humans. The research findings did not give astounding results. Hence, we cannot make out if it can be useful in analyzing destruction of human tissues.

This discussion still needs more investigation as the study found more uncertain and confusing evidence about cancer-causing radiations emitted by cell phones. Jerry Phillips has invested 10 years of his life to find effects of these harmful radiations emitted from smartphones on human beings.

Previous studies suggest that these radiations can be co-carcinogen. If you are already prone to cancerous tissue and come in contact with these harmful smartphone radiations, the tissues are likely to get more and more carcinogenic.

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