Busy and faster life has made you mentally unstable. Remembering things quickly becomes difficult. The recent study claims, giving a small electric shock can boost up your memory. All we need is to trigger the right brain cells at right time by an electric stimulation.

Michael Kahana, at the University of Pennsylvania, says, “We noticed 15 percent improvement in the brain capacity to remember things.” This research will pave a new way to treat people suffering from brain injury or other mental health diseases.

Why often we tend to lose some memories that we need to actually remember. While studying a set of mathematical formulae, some of its terms stick to our brain while other go bouncing or we need to scratch our head to remember those.

Hence, to understand why brain takes a memory lapse we need to study the flow of electrical pulses. By using innovation and computational approach researchers gave electrical stimulations to different but exact parts of the brain just seconds before it could take memory lapse. They gave an electric pulse to 25 epilepsy patients who about necessitated their seizures.

This technology proved to be feasible. The left temporal cortex has hit hard. Later, significant improvement in the memory was observed. There are certain cases where the technology didn’t make the study feasible.

We need to conduct an in-depth investigation to know why this technology proved to be inefficient in some mental disorders, says Michael Sperling, from the University of Philadelphia. Sperling believes that this technology will come up with an implantable device in next few years which can show significant improvements in their brains.

The technology can help improve the recollection problems of military people who often undergo brain injuries in war. Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA) would play an important role by providing financial support for this move.

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