Students who have a habit of studying in dim light, just change your routine. This habit can directly damage your brain cells, modify it and lower down the retention capacity of the brain. An occasional study in dim light is no worry but prolonged exposure of eyes to it can make you mentally unstable and hinders learning capability.

Researchers conducted an experiment in Nile grass rats as they have same nocturnal behavior as that of humans. They were left in a dim light for four weeks. The research findings concluded that these rodents lost 30 percent remembrance capacity. Dim light suppressed brain functions by damaging hippocampus area of the brain.

Moreover, the rodents showed poor spatial tasks for which they were previously trained. Later, when exposed to bright light showed noteworthy improvement in learning capacity and brain structure. They showed enhancement in the spatial task once more after exposure to bright sunlight. According to the researchers, the poor intensity of light not only affect cognitive enactment of the brain but also loosens down plasticity of the hippocampal structure.

This is the first ever study conducted to show how changes in environmental lightness and dimness can directly target your brain structure and affect the cognitive behavior of humans. The research finding will help in curing brain disorders usually found in elder people who suffer from dementia and other brain disorders.

Joel Soler, lead author of the study says, “A clear understanding of environmental light on human brain can help to discover effective prevention methods and treatments of cognitive disorders.” Light doesn’t affect the hippocampus directly. It distresses the adjacent part of the brain after light passes through eyes.

The research findings are published in the journal of ‘Hippocampus’ which gives a clear idea of how dangerous it could be to sit in a dim light for a prolonged period of time.

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