NASA seizures some of the amazing pictures of a star through New Horizon spacecraft that was set for a mission long back in 2006. The images revealed by NASA are worth noticing. It looks like a diamond shining in the sky. The remarkable thing about this event is that the star is located far away from the spacecraft and this is the first ever farthest image captured by NASA.

New Horizon was sent with a mission of noticing the behavior and nature of tiny planet Pluto in the solar space. Later, it was set for another mission to reconnoiter Kuiper Belt thoroughly and notify about the Kuiper Belt objects interspersing deep around Neptune.

The image was captured on Dec 5 last year. It is notably called as a ‘Wishing Well’. The shining object is located 3.79 billion miles away setting a record to be one among the farthest object captured from the spacecraft. In 1990, similar kind of object was observed floating in the space at a distance of 3.75 million miles away from Voyage 1 spaceship.

This is not the first time New Horizon has discovered a special object. 2012 HE85 and 2012 HZ84 were the earlier discoveries. Even these two objects were clandestine to Kuiper Belt Objects, says one of the NASA scientists.

The spacecraft has already entered in the zone of KBO 2017 MU69 and turn back on January 1, 2019. Till then all the new discoveries of the spacecraft will be a record-breaking one. Capturing beautiful and stunning images of MU69 will be Horizon’s next mission. According to NASA, MU69 will have a few and far between shape with two bodies revolving around the object.

Horizon continues covering 700,000 miles of the distance of space each day and that’s quite remarkable ones. The spacecraft continues to move far and far away from the Earth till it successfully completes its assigned a mission.

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