No more popping up messages, as Microsoft has announced, its discontinuation towards the push notification, along with “Find my phone” option where users will not be able to track their phone anymore on its Windows Phone 7.5 and Windows Phone 8. Also, will be losing the important live tile updates that were used for displaying the information.

It stated that the services and support dates related to these smartphones Windows 7.5 and Windows 8 version had come to an end. On the other hand, it has Windows Phone 8.1 version that can be operated with this features, unfortunately, Microsoft is planning out to cut off the same in the coming year.

However, this won’t be affecting much to the users because very few are using these smartphone Windows 7.5 and Windows 8, and might be this is why Microsoft has taken the decision of discontinuing the services related to this version.

Meanwhile, Windows 10 Mobile, that was launched in 2015, Microsoft has been a fully supporting this version in terms of technical, along with features that will be functioned as per the requirement. In addition, Microsoft mentions that it won’t be focusing on Windows 10 for more features or hardware.

While, Microsoft has announced that it will be providing fewer updates and security patches, but not to expect additional features or new hardware.

In the world of smartphone, Microsoft is bound to have limited success compared to other companies and is still trying to acquire a piece of market share that would make Microsoft build a strong rapport related to a smartphone.
But there is a sigh of relaxation for Windows on smartphones, it’s in the air that Microsoft is coming up or you can say it as Microsoft is operating on new foldable tablet “Surface Phone” comprising the features of smartphone. It is presumed that Surface Phone is a final attempt for the Windows Phone to capture the marketplace, but for this, the company has to provide all required features such as mobile payment along with Android and iOS offer.

Microsoft has considered this concept keeping in mind that unlike iPhone X or Samsung Galaxy S8 with big screens or edge-to-edge. There is nothing that you can compete with this feature so it has thought making the “phone size bigger” …sounds bit low, or it can add “one more screen” attached to it… now it sounds better.

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