Prolonged drinking and smoking no doubt leads to different types of cancer. But according to a recent study, if individuals with this habit are addicted to another beverage i.e. hot tea or coffee they are putting themselves at the higher risk of esophageal cancer.

The study published in the Internal medicines conveys a good message to all smokers and drinkers to avoid having hot beverages. People with esophageal cancer have the least chances of survival. About 85 percent of people die off from esophageal cancer each year in the United States.

Amid people who drank hot tea along with alcohol and cigarette noticed 5 times increased levels of esophageal cancer than those completely said ‘NO’ to these three addictive habits. Dr. Canqing Yu from China led a research that trailed 456,155 having age between 30 to 79 people for 9 years.

The results were amazing. Individuals who drank hot drink along with cigarette and alcohol were at the greater risk of esophageal cancer as compared to those who consumed tea alone. The thermal injury caused by consumption of hot beverages increases other risk factors, said researchers who previously worked on this study.

Quitting consumption of hot beverages in people who are addicted towards smoking and alcohol intake is the only option to stay hands apart from this kind of life-threatening cancer. In past few years, World Health Organization came across the fact that any sort of hot beverage having the temperature up to 149 degrees F including tea and coffee can put an individual at the higher risk of esophageal cancer.

People in the United States prefer drinking tea and coffee at lower temperatures and hence have a lower risk of cancer. In all the study not only figures out people in China but also those in other countries who have the habit of drinking tea along with tobacco chewing, smoking and drinking alcohol.

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